Basics of stack-based exploit writing

Basics of stack-based exploit writing

How to exploit stack-based buffer overflow

“Buffer overflow: the mother of all vulnerabilities”

Taught by: Peter Zsiros

Length: 6 hours

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How about writing your first exploit?

In this course you will learn about the most basic exploit family, the stack-based exploit. It is the oldest but still valid technique to hack an application and start to learn writing more advanced exploits. We will write an exploit step-by-step for a sample application. Through this procedure you will understand the inner workings of stack based exploits and by the end of the course you will be able to write new ones on your own.

The training covers the development of a basic 32 bit stack-based exploit (no DEP bypass, no ASLR, no stack cookie) that will ground the basis for more advanced exploit writing techniques.

Join our course and start writing exploits with us.

This course is part of our exploit writing live training series.


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  • + Recommended for

    Programmers, security specialists

  • + Prerequisites

    Programming basics

  • + Technical requirements

    We will run maximum 2 virtual machines simultaneously, recommended minimum 8GB memory (2GB for each, and 4 remains to host), about 40GB disk space for virtual machines.

  • + Acquired skills

    You will be able to write basic level stack-based exploits

Curriculum and videos

Section 1 - Stack-based exploit against a sample application

Finding the vulnerability in source code, writing the exploit.

Video recordings will be uploaded soon...

Section 2 - Stack-based exploit against a real application

Finding the vulnerability with fuzzer, writing the exploit.

Video recordings will be uploaded soon...