Exploit writing live training series

From basics to advanced

If a thing is worth learning, it is worth learning well. This is definitely true for exploit writing. If you are interested in hacking, the feeling of making an exploit or finding a vulnerability is incomparable. Furthermore, knowing it well gives you professional prestige and the possibility to earn good money.

We are launching a series of trainings in this topic so that you can get a profound and comprehensive knowledge in exploit writing.

The first 2 trainings will be available soon:

  1. 32-bit stack-based exploit writing - already recorded, under preparation
  2. 32-bit format string exploit writing - already recorded, under preparation

And we are planning 6 further topics:

  1. 32-bit DEP bypass - To be specified
  2. 32-bit ASLR bypass - TBS
  3. Using egg hunters - TBS
  4. Manual encoding - TBS
  5. 64-bit stack-based exploit writing - TBS
  6. 64-bit format string exploit writing - TBS

The courses mentioned above can be taken separately as well, depending on your present knowledge and interest.