How live online courses work

All you need to know to participate

Why choose a live online course
Similarly to classical classroom trainings online live courses take place in a virtual classroom. You are watching the trainer in real time with all the other students, but this time from your own computer.

This gives students the opportunity to learn in a dedicated time according to a schedule and meet the trainer and other students from all over the world. And of course you can also ask questions, just like in a normal classroom, so no problem if you happen to get stuck.
A live course is instructor-led, interactive and personal, but also effective, time-efficient and comfortable. It combines the best of learning in a normal classroom and learning online.

Preparation before starting of the course
If you need to do any preparation for the course in advance we will let you know about it in time. If we use virtual machines and ISO images or any other tool, they will be uploaded to the course’s page. After logging in you can download them.

Use two monitors

While doing the live training we suggest using two monitors if you have the possibility to do so. One for watching the course and what the trainer is doing and one for doing the exercises on your own. This will make your learning more convenient and effective.

How to join the classroom
For live streaming we will use Zoom. Students who have enrolled in a given live course will always receive the link to the actual session 1 day before its start via email.

Sessions are recorded
If you miss a session, no problem. All the sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the course’s page right after each session. You will have unlimited access to the recorded videos, so you can download and re-watch them any time later on.