Kubernetes administration

Kubernetes administration

Orchestrate your containers professionally

“Now, bring me that horizon!”

Taught by: Agoston Deim

Length: 7+ hours

73 students
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Docker and similar container technologies are great to develop and distribute your applications and microservices but they lack features like deployment, scaling and exposing it to the public. We call these features orchestration. The best tool to orchestrate your applications is Kubernetes. Originally developed and open-sourced by Google, it's a production-grade system with 15 years of experience.

Taking this course is the best way to learn how to install your Kubernetes cluster and container networking solution and how to deploy, manage and scale your applications. You will learn all aspects of container orchestration and management from simple deployments to scaling and upgrading your application in a running cluster.

Join our course today and learn how to master Kubernetes.


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  • + Recommended for

    Ideal for developers, sysadmins and devops

  • + Prerequisites

    Basic Linux knowledge, basic networking

  • + Technical requirements

    VirtualBox, minimum 10GB RAM and 30GB disk space

  • + Acquired skills

    Kubernetes administration: how to build a cluster, determine network configuration, grow the cluster, deploy applications and configure the storage

Curriculum and videos

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Section 1 - Kubernetes concepts

Section 3 - Running containers on Kubernetes cluster


Section 4 - initContainers and multi-container PODs

Section 5 - Node selection and affinities

Section 6 - Deploy and scale your applications

Section 7 - Creating services from your application deployments

Section 8 - Exposing services through Ingress controllers

Section 9 - Running stateful applications on Kubernetes

Bonus section - Installing Kubernetes