Easy-to-follow Java programming

Easy-to-follow Java programming

How to program in Java from the basics to the advanced

“Understanding Java made easy”

Taught by: Daniel Pasztuhov

Length: 12+ hours

623 students
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Want to learn Java fast, easy & fun?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays. If you are aiming to make a living from programming, choosing Java can be a great choice with a lot of well-paying jobs available. Start learning it today, we will help you.

We made this Java course for complete beginners, but it can also be very useful and enjoyable for those who want to switch to Java from a different programming language. The content is up-to-date and packed with practical information, so re-starters can benefit from it as well.

We start at the very basics (from zero) and go through lots of interesting exercises and analogies that will take you to an advanced level. By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge and programming skills needed to move on and specialize in Java.

The course is easy to follow and all the things are well explained. Furthermore, to make your learning easier and more enjoyable throughout the course we will develop a nostalgic, text-based fighting fantasy game with monsters and heroes.

Join our course today and start learning Java in an easy and entertaining way.

  • + Recommended for

    To anyone who wants to learn Java. Ideal for those who are new to programming, but it can be useful and enjoyable for people who want to switch to Java from a different programming language.

  • + Prerequisites

    Nothing special, basic fluency with computers. No prior programming knowledge needed, only a desire and curiosity to learn to program.

  • + Technical requirements

    Nothing special. We will use NetBeans, which is free to download and has no particular technical requirements.

  • + Acquired skills

    By the end of the course you will be able to build simple, but fully functional programs. You will also gain all the knowledge needed to specialize in Java and become a well-payed Java expert later on.

Curriculum and videos

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Section 1 - Getting started with Java

Course summary (2:47)
Video 1 - Getting started with Java (1:02:34)

In this section we depict the basic concepts of Java, install NetBeans and create our first programs. We will also start developing our "You are the hero" fantasy game. We will use variables, input and output statements, and begin learning control structures (if), that are the fundamental parts of any programming language.

Section 2 - Java basics

We continue and finish learning control structures (loops, switch). Based on the knowledge of the control structures we learn how to develop common algorithms (sum, counting, determine minimum and maximum, search). We also learn how to store collections of elements (arrays, 2D arrays), and how to summon genies to solve tasks in the program (functions). We will also inspect object-oriented programming in Java (classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism), and discover some useful NetBeans tips and tricks.

Section 3 - Java tools

After completing the basics, we start getting familiar with the available tools in Java. Based on the previous section we could have created them, but why reinvent the wheel? Developers of the Java language have already done that for us. In this section we will learn the following tools: date and time, sorting, generics, collections, exceptions, files, enums.

Bonus section - Using external libraries

Other than the tools created by the Java language developers, there are plenty of third party libraries available for us to use for free. We just have to know them and be able to use them in our programs. How to include them in Java? In this video we will show you.