Metasploit mini-quiz

Test your basic hacking knowledge

Answer the questions below to check your basic knowledge on Metasploit. There is always only 1 correct answer. (See the correct answers at the bottom of this page.)

If you need help you will find the answers in our Metasploit attack explained - Metasploit/Meterpreter basic usage video.

1. Which command attacks the target machine?
a) attack
b) exploit
c) offense
d) hack

2. Which command sets the SHELLCODE?
a) set PAYLOAD payloadname
b) use PAYLOAD payloadname
c) set SHELLCODE payloadname
d) use SHELLCODE payloadname

3. Which programming language can be used to write Metasploit scripts for Metasploit 4.x Framework?
a) C
b) Python
c) C#
d) Ruby

4. Which command can be used to create a printscreen from the target machine in Meterpreter shell?
a) capturescreen
b) photo
c) printscreen
d) screenshot


The right answers:

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