GlusterFS storage administration

GlusterFS storage administration

Create your own software-defined distributed storage spaces

“Every brick has a story to tell.”

Taught by: Agoston Deim

Length: 9 hours

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You need an additional storage?

GlusterFS is a distributed filesystem which provides advanced storage spaces for companies.
With GlusterFS anyone can create a reliable software-defined storage system using only commodity hardware. This filesystem is not only reliable but highly available and able to provide geo-redundancy as well. Of course, high-end hardware configurations provide higher performance but every feature is available without any special hardware configuration.

This training will cover GlusterFS architecture planning, installation, brick management, volume management and Geo-Replication, as well as troubleshooting.

Join our course and learn how to increase your storage speed and availability with GlusterFS.


Live instructor-led course
It will be a live course so you will work together simultaneously with the trainer and the other students and will have the possibility to ask your questions. More about live classes

  • + Recommended for

    System administrators, storage administrators

  • + Prerequisites

    Networking basics and intermediate knowledge of the Linux command line and operating system

  • + Technical requirements

    8GB RAM, 30GB disk storage, 64 bit Intel or AMD CPU with hardware assisted

  • + Acquired skills

    Completing the training the attendees will be able to setup and maintain a highly available, reliable storage to provide enterprise storage features for the company.

Curriculum and videos

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Session 2

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